Courses in Essen

For more information on an individual course you can click on its calendar entry. The color of a course in the schedule indicates the course type. What color is which course type is explained in the legend below.

Course Type About this course type
Mit Kind & KiWa Our classic LAUFMAMALAUF baby buggy course out in nature. Training for the whole body, designed as circuit training and specially adapted to the needs of mothers who recently had their baby. More information (in German)
Ganz-schön-schwanger 'Ganz-schön-schwanger' in German means 'Nicely pregnant': The perfect workout and wellness program for a smooth pregnancy, good preparation for birth, 'Rückbildung' and optimal development of the baby. More information (in German)
Mama-macht-mehr 'Mama-macht-mehr' means 'Mom does more'. When kids grow older, and moms go back to work: Intensive training program with an especially effective, and scaling up approach. Focus on body core and cardio units. More information (in German)